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Cartoon Mime

One of the projects I had to do over the last couple of semesters was to create a short 3D movie alongside an animator. I created all 3 characters in the scene, and this is the main protagonist: a french mime. I wanted to have pieces that were varied in terms of style, and we […]

Bill The Butcher

Gangs of New York is one of my favorite movies of all time. Great acting, great story, and it showed a piece of history that many people, even those living in New York City today, never really knew about. Daniel Day-Lewis is a tremendously great actor. Every role he plays instantly becomes iconic, and Bill […]

Madrak Ironhide

I am a big fan of Warmachine, a table-top wargame created by Privateer Press. They also have a second wargame called Hordes, which is compatible with Warmachine, with a different set of mechanics around some of the individual units. I could go on about the game, but this is about a 3D model I wanted […]