Allowance Management

One of my major assignments going through the Game Design post-graduate program at George Brown College was to create an educational game.  I pitched three different concepts: a pro-feminism game called Don’t Be A Scumbag, a physics-based game like Angry Birds but using numbers instead of finger-swiping to teach the math behind they physics, and an economics game that teaches young children fiscal responsibility. After talking it over with my fellow students, we all felt like the third option with the most viable for the time frame we had to finish them.

Allowance Management gives the player $20 per week as an allowance, but must purchase food and school supplies, among many other things available, for themselves for the week. This, players must balance fun with grades and hunger. At the end of a game, which lasts 120 days In-Game, players receive a letter-grade based on their Happy, Hunger, and Grades values which players must keep as high as possible throughout a single play-through.



Programs Used: Unity, Photoshop

To Play: Download the zip file below, and unzip wherever you like. Make sure both the .exe and data folders are in the same location. Keep the default resolution at 1024 x768 and press play.

Download Allowance Management here!

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