Stepping Tiles

This game was made during the 2012 Toronto Game Jam. I partnered up with a flash programmer for this one, and focused on art and design. A lot of paper prototypes were made for the creation of the main levels. It was down to the wire on this one, but we pulled it off with 30 seconds to spare (I’m not kidding on that, either).

Stepping Tiles is a single-player puzzle game. It is similar to a sliding tile puzzle, but instead of a piece of an image, each tile has paths on it. A small man walks along these paths, and the player must slide tiles to complete the paths and help the man gather fruit. Gathering all of the fruit wins the level. There are eight levels total, with each level gradually becoming more harder, and adding new types of paths to the game. There’s also a Random Level which completely randomizes the tiles which is horribly unbalanced but fun to attempt!


Programs Used: Adobe Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator

To play: Install Adobe Flash Player, and double-click the file. If that does not work, open the file in Internet Explorer.

Download Stepping Tiles!

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