Snake Run

This was a Flash game I made during the Toronto Global Game Jam in 2012. I came in intending to be an art floater, but the Jam was planned so close to the date that they didn’t have time to organize a way for floaters to really be facilitated, so I was on my own. I was recommended StencylWorks by one of the organizers, a Flash game maker that makes coding visual-based. By the end of the weekend, and after going through several tutorials, I managed to complete a simple platformer game before anyone even had a functional game.

Snake Run is a 2d platformer game in which you must navigate jumping puzzles in order to outrun the giant snake running behind you. There are five levels, each level being more difficult than the last.

Programs Used: Adobe Flash, Photoshop

To Play: Have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer, then double-click on the file. If that does not work, open the file in Interned Explorer

Download Snake Run!

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