Madrak Ironhide

I am a big fan of Warmachine, a table-top wargame created by Privateer Press. They also have a second wargame called Hordes, which is compatible with Warmachine, with a different set of mechanics around some of the individual units. I could go on about the game, but this is about a 3D model I wanted to make from one of the characters from the games.

Madrak Ironhide is one of the characters from Hordes. He is an albino Trollkin, which are normally blue and related to trolls. He is a leader of the Trollbloods faction, and really badass. So when it came time to apply all we learned about character modeling at college, this was my first choice.

This was also my first time having to alter a humanoid body structure to fit a different species. I think it turned out well. I had a lot of reference images from Privateer Press’ website, so seeing the differences in proportions was simple enough.

The skin was hard to paint onto him. I still wanted the blue to show through, even though he is albino and should be white. But even human albinos have SOME colour to their skin (blank white does not exist in nature). The rocky knobs, however, were easy, as they resemble rocks if you look closely at other trollkin (or not so closely if you look at Dire Trolls).

Enough rambling on though, here is my model of Madrak Ironhide!

Reference Images


Base Mesh


Hi-Resolution Sculpt in zBrush


Retopologized Mesh


Texture Maps


In Game Views (Unreal Development Kit)



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